We’re a collective of early adopters, creative-thinkers and visionary builders. We are an international team, based in Hong Kong, with projects underway throughout the Asia Pacific region.

We’re passionate about communications, we embrace innovation and applaud disruption.

We love technologies that enhance our lives and relationships, but believe it’s always better when people get together.


I Love is a progressive marketing and media innovation-lab driven by an experiential vision.

We change the world through investment and contribution to the fields of innovation, creativity, digital and social media communications. We’re actively seeking opportunities and collaborations with partners that share our ethos, vision and mission.


We invest in people and take pride in our workspaces. We are committed to developing talent, empowering team members to grow and achieve their goals. We are activists for environmental sustainability and we will never sacrifice purpose for profit.


To become the global leader in the creation of collaborative live, digital and virtual experiences and communications platforms, and to establish ourselves as an industry powerhouse, that supports entrepreneurs and invests in their bold game-changing ideas.


To build businesses that contribute positively to society whilst delivering returns to stakeholders, and to provide platforms and services that drive meaningful change for the partners and brands that we love.

“Marketing works most effectively when it’s in line with what people are already trying to do and offers a multi-channel experience that connects with their identity” – Scott Davies, CEO and Founder, I Love Limited